Blue Pitcher and all

Little Tommy Brown used to get his milk out of this pitcher in the 20′s, when Shirley Temple was a big star. Lots of facets on the surface makes it hard to paint. It’s easier to analyze these paintings at a small size. kissing the edges I see. Some confusion in the cloth. Still trying to get looser with the paint and still trying to push for satisfying compositions. I am pleased with the values, they read ok to me.

light fur

Second time attempting to paint these bottles. The bottles came from a souk (market) in Morocco. Herns brought them back as a present and I value them highly. Mysteriously there are no labels and it’s not clear what the colors consist of. Like a djin in a bottle open at your own risk. The caps are rubber the color of the eraser on a #10 pencil.

While studying the paintings of other daily painters I am seeing the phenomenon of what I call “light fur” the result of light bouncing off the object on a dark background. David Cheiftez is really rocking this way of painting.