Dancers and Dessert

Ballerina oil painting

Come and join me and view new paintings inspired by the Art of Ballet!

Join me at the season kick-off event, Dancers & Dessert, on Friday October 7th at Dance Place San Diego in Liberty Station, Point Loma.

This free event features champagne and wine sponsored by the San Diego Ballet Board, desserts donated by Michele Coulon Dessertier, and view the art gallery right in the halls of the studio. Original works will be displayed and offered up for sale by Lisa Owen Lynch and Jori Owens.

Invite your friends and family and join us at Dancers & Desserts. Meet our dancers, chat with the Artistic Director, and share your favorite SDB moments with your fellow patrons. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to mingle with our company dancers and learn more about our exciting upcoming season!

Dancers & Dessert

Friday, October 7th @ 7:30pm

San Diego Ballet Studios

Dance Place San Diego

2650 Truxton Road

San Diego, CA 92106


Show Time

art show march 10th 2012Please come and join me on March 10th at Ray Street Custom Framing for an exhibit of my oils. We can chat and enjoy refreshments. Starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 or so. The address is 3807 Ray Street San Diego CA . The phone number is 619.255.2022


Yellow Rose Oil PaintingI photographed roses in Balboa Park Rose garden as an Easter present to myself. An artist date as the great Julia Cameron would put it (The Artist’s Way). Lovely man trimming roses gave me two wonderful blooms, and this is one. Apologies to my friend Pat Kelly who is deep into portraying the soul of the rose, but it looked like so much fun! They do burst with color and translucentness. I believe I will paint another one.

Blue Pitcher and all

Little Tommy Brown used to get his milk out of this pitcher in the 20′s, when Shirley Temple was a big star. Lots of facets on the surface makes it hard to paint. It’s easier to analyze these paintings at a small size. kissing the edges I see. Some confusion in the cloth. Still trying to get looser with the paint and still trying to push for satisfying compositions. I am pleased with the values, they read ok to me.

light fur

Second time attempting to paint these bottles. The bottles came from a souk (market) in Morocco. Herns brought them back as a present and I value them highly. Mysteriously there are no labels and it’s not clear what the colors consist of. Like a djin in a bottle open at your own risk. The caps are rubber the color of the eraser on a #10 pencil.

While studying the paintings of other daily painters I am seeing the phenomenon of what I call “light fur” the result of light bouncing off the object on a dark background. David Cheiftez is really rocking this way of painting.